The kitchen of "Club of Happiness" was created thanks to you!

The kitchen of  "Club of Happiness"  was created thanks to you!

"Club of Happines " operating at the parish of St. The brand in Cairo is a great joy not only for the disabled people, who find in it a warm welcome and help in development, and for their families, but also for us. We are delighted that Egyptian Christians engage in such a way for the most deprived people and that we can cooperate with them. Recently, we collected funds for the construction of a kitchen for the Club of Happiness, which is why the sight of a new building, which has grown in the shade of the church. It is very happy for our hearts!

Father Robbin, parish priest of Saint Mark in Cairo is convinced that the center for the disabled people is one of the most important activities in parish. For several years, he has been making efforts to ensure that the "Club of Happiness" develops and more effectively supports the integration of disabled people with their families and society. The idea of building a kitchen is another step in this direction.

-People with disabilities are not unfit, although some parents and guardians seem to be so and away from even the simplest activities that they could successfully do themselves - he says with a smile.

From this belief, the idea arose to organize a kitchen for "Club of Happines". Where the mentees will be able to acquire culinary skills. The kitchen has just been set up and is ready to welcome young people and adults who are starting regular activities at the center this week.

We are happy to show you pictures of cuisine sent from Cairo because we managed to build it thanks to your commitment! Thank you very much, on behalf of "Dom Wschodni", priests from the parish of Saint Mark in Cairo and above all on behalf of the charges and their families!

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