Domus Orientalis in Syria

Domus Orientalis in Syria

Our presence and mission in Syria

In 2017 Domus Orientalis contacted a number of Syrian Franciscan communities which was followed by a visit of Father Ibrahim Sabbagh in Poland in June 2017. The main purpose of the visit was to support his parish in Aleppo (we organised prayer meeting in the Cathedral of Łódź under the title “Solidarity with Aleppo”).

In the same month Father P. Szewczyk travelled to Syria and met Father Firas Lutfi from “Terre Sainte”- Franciscans Care Centre in Aleppo. It was a beginning of our cooperation with Franciscans from Aleppo.

Since 2017 we already visited Syria 7 times. Up to now our every activity in Syria is strongly connected to the projects launched by Franciscans from “Terre Sainte”, Latin Parish and Sisters Franciscans Monastery in Aleppo. We are not opening our own projects but supporting theirs and trying to choose those which involves not only Christians but also Muslim community.

Other projects we supported outside Aleppo were conducted with Syrian Orthodox Church.

Main projects in Syria

In 2017 we launched a “Give a job!” project to provide help to the people in Aleppo to recreate places of work: small workshops, shops, service points, micro-business initiatives.

In September and October we organised collection of money which was donated for renovation of printing machine. Thanks to our help project gives a work to a members of 4 families in Aleppo with a very big chance for development.

From that moment in Syria we have been slowly developing “Give a Job!” by supporting micro-projects of Latin Parish in Aleppo. Up to now we helped:

  • To buy a coffee machine for Uanes to open a small coffee place;

  • Paid a taxi/transportation for 4 disabled person to the workshops;

  • Sponsored tools for George to launch small company for fixing electrical devices and installations;

  • Currently we are collecting money for 2 new projects: restoring a flower shop and reopening destroyed bakery.

Other projects:

  • we constantly support Atelier sisters franciscans which is a workshop and place of meeting and trauma healing for Christian and Muslim women;
  • we helped to built swimming pool in Terre Sainte and supporting Franciscans Care Centre;
  • we are supporting Rehabilitation and Psychological Support Center of Doctor Binan Kayyali;
  • we are planning to support "Name and Future" Centres.

We also provide some help for the poorest family and support education.

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