Help for Gaza

Help for Gaza

A month ago, information and images that came to us from Palestine reminded the world of the extremely difficult situation of the people of the Gaza Strip. We do not intend to answer the Question of Palestine and we do not pretend to know the recipe for solving the problem that has been a source of threats to peace in the entire Middle East for decades. However, we want - as we are doing in Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia - to support ordinary people in their everyday life, which is extremely difficult.

Father Dobromir Jasztal is a Franciscan, who serves in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which runs a Holy Family parish in Gaza and three schools, including one for children with disabilities. In response to an inquiry from Domus Orientalis, how we could help the people of Gaza suffering from war, he replies:

- As everyone knows, the situation in the Gaza Strip is very serious, especially after the recent conflict. Even today I spoke with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem about the current situation... The economic situation is very difficult. Local resources for education do not exist, the health system has long time ago collapsed by a pandemic. People need to be helped to survive day by day ... At the moment, people, especially children, are suffering from the lack of medicine and food ... Any help will be valuable".

If you can and want to help with us to inhabitants of the Gaza Strip suffering from the constant conflict,  join our fundrising which will be conducted during one week (until June 20). Before the end of the month, these funds will go to the parish in Gaza, where, thanks to the involvement of the parish priest Gabriel Romanelli, they will support the poorest families in buying medicines and food as welle as in children education. 

Fund transfer information:

IBAN Number for USD: PL11 1140 2004 0000 3712 0693 5417

IBAN Number for EURO: PL16 1140 2004 0000 3512 0693 5425

IBAN Number for PLN: PL 70 1140 2004 0000 3002 7483 9388


Recipient name: Stowarzyszenie “Dom Wschodni – Domus Orientalis”

Recipient adres: Ul. Piotrkowska 80, 90-102 Lodz, POLAND  

Transfer title: Gaza

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