„Name and Future” Centres in East Aleppo – a chance for poorest kids and uneducated women.

„Name and Future” Centres in East Aleppo – a chance for poorest kids and uneducated women.

Two schools in common name "Name and Future" are a new project carried by Franciscans Care Centre and dr. Binan’s Kayalli Centre, recently opened in East Aleppo. The district was occupied by the rebels and jihadists, and then completely devastated as a result of fights and bombings. So far, people live there on the edge of poverty. In East Aleppo live approximately 3000 children aged 2-3 years old who are descendants of rebels. They have no identity, no future and even cannot be registered as a citizens. Their mothers don’t work, most of them cannot read and write. Who will those children become when they grow up in loneliness and misery?

Other children from East Aleppo did not have a chance to go to school - they can not read and write, and their single mothers need to get basic skills to find a job. In East Aleppo there may be even tens of thousands of such families. Father Firas knows that it's important to take care of places like East Aleppo! That's why he opened the "Name and Future" centers. Those Centres and Father Firas actions are the big evidence of Christian mercy and deeds for the reconstruction of Syria - without any division into religious affiliation.

Centers have simple facilities, but they work very dynamically - in each of them, about 300 women and 500 children receive education and psychological help, and over 1000 more are expected to sign up for classes. The lessons are conducted 7 days a week under the supervision of over 30 trainers, therapists and teachers. Centers not only provide education at a very basic level - for example, writing and reading for women and children, but also provide English and French classes, workshops for handicapped children, "funny education" (dance, drawing) or skills learnign. One of the centers also has a small room gym for gymnastic and physical exercises and rehabilitation.


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