The Rosary for Brothers

The Rosary for Brothers

During the World Day of the Poor ( 18th November) with Bishop Grzegorz Rysi and Lodz Caritas we want to start our new project - The Rosary for Brothers. It will be beginning of regular rosary pray in parishes and communities for our brothers in the Middle East. By the spiritual unity with them we want to show our support.


Bishop Joseph Tobji made crosses from wood from the destroyed Maronite church in Aleppo.

We are treating it as a relic, as a sign of the martyrdom of hundreds of Christians in the Middle East. At the same time It is a beautiful testimony of the Church's response against persecution and suffering which prayer and union with the Crucified One always should be. The crosses came to Poland two weeks ago, and then were attached to the rosaries made by the volunteers. Each parish or community that wants to be a part of "Rosary for brothers" can receive such a rosary.

Specific support

We want to express our unity with the Churches of the land of Christ and our Fathers not only through prayer, but by fraternal help and material suport. We will make a collection of money during the prayer, after it will be donated in the Lodz Caritas. The Association "Dom Wschodni-Domus Orientalis" will direct these funds to specific people and Churches in the Middle East.

How to join the "Rosary for Brothers"?

Talk to the priests from your parish or community and take part in the project by sending an email to:

We will send you a rosary before the first meeting. We will regularly send the "Letter from the Brothers" and rosary meditations for the next prayer meetings as well. We will also send you information on how funds are used to help brothers in the Middle East

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