Two years of Rosary for Brothers

Two years of Rosary for Brothers

On November 15th, the World Day of the Poor, we celebrated also the second anniversary of the project Rosary for Brothers. Meditations for the November were written by Sumar from Lebanon.

Sumar wrote in her letter to Polish people:

„Dear brothers and sisters, greetings from Beirut, the city trying to rise from underneath the rubble, after the explosion on August 4th! Thank you for giving me the chance express my gratitude toward your generosity and to share some of my thoughts with you. I’m really touched by the way you approach relief aid and support in Mar Mkhayel area, and by the fact that the help you provide has in its core the people, the very same persons who represent the sufferings Jesus Christ. This human aspect that doesn’t get lost in the administrative routine of work that turns people into mere case numbers. As we live in a society that calls upon division and segregation in almost every speech, it’s a blessing to encounter people who believe in inclusion. We live in a multi-cultural society where people who come from different backgrounds find it hard to accept others sometimes. The inability to understand leads to fear and rejection of others. Yet, the beauty of God’s Love is manifested in people who decide that regardless all the differences, they will find a way to reach out for those in need and offer them support. It’s heartwarming and assuring to know that there are people out there still willing to embrace the diversity of humanity and walk with the unity of the body of Christ in prospect.”

Reflecting on the Mystery of the Resurrection, Sumar talks about what Christians are called to do:

„We ask Mary to intercede for us so that the Lord grants us the Grace to be a sign of Life and Resurrection in our communities, and help others rise and stand up again despite the difficulties and challenges ahead of us.”

Please, join the online transmission of Rosary for Brothers on our facebook on Sunday, November the 22nd, 7 p.m. in Poland, 8 p.m. in Lebanon. Let us unite in prayer!

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