"Give a Job!" Aleppo - help for Kamil

"Give a Job!" Aleppo - help for Kamil

Kamil is a young Syrian from Aleppo. His father died and Kamil is the only breadwinner of the family. He takes care of his sick, 65-year-old mother. They live in a rented apartment and the rent absorbs most of their income. What remains is not even enough for food.

Kamil himself also has health problems. At the beginning of this year he underwent intestinal surgery and must be under the doctor’s care. Despite these difficulties, he is working hard to provide himself and his mother with a decent life. He has a deep faith and is very active in the Church. Together with his fiancée he prays daily and reads the Bible. They trust God regardless of any adversity.

Kamil told us:

"I do not want to depend on aid, but rather leave it to those who cannot work. I just want to find the opportunity to work so that I do not worry about my mother after me. I truly hope to marry the girl I love after all these suffering from wars, epidemics and poverty, so that we share this life and build a Christian family that cooperates together lovingly to witness the love of Christ, and I believe that the Lord will respond because I knocked at the door. "Ask, and you will find, knock, and it will open." (Mt 7,7).”


Kamil wants to start a business related to the distribution of detergents. He hopes that this will give himself and his mother a decent life and that he will also have the possibily to start a family. For this purpose he needs to buy a second-hand car. We want to support Kamil and help him make a life change.

We would like to thank you for every donation, even the smallest one!

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