"Solidarity With Aleppo" -Help for victims of the eartquake in Aleppo

"Solidarity With Aleppo" -Help for victims of the eartquake in Aleppo

Two massive earthquakes affected Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine, in the early morning of Monday, as the media reported, the focal point of the quakes is the South part of Turkey close to Gaziantep in 7.8 and 7.5 magnitudes respectively. The reports speak today, February the 7th, about more than 5000 killed, thousands and thousands injured, and unimaginable destruction. The major quake took place at 4.12 am local time, i.e. at 2.12 am Polish time. “I am ok, I spent the whole night on the street with my mom and now I am scared to come back home.” Hamada from Damascus said. Roula from the Latin parish in Aleppo, with whom we have been collaborating for years in humanitarian aid, sent us some photos of the church of St. Francis, which was also affected by the earthquake. "It's scary. It's more than the bombing and the war we've been through...". She sent photos of people who immediately took rescue action to help the others who are suffering above or under the rubble. Today in the parish more than 500 people are finding shelter. They are afraid to come back to their apartments in buildings that didn't collapse but were strongly damaged. The kitchen is organized by the parish is preparing more than 5000 meals per day, because the post-war situation occurs once again. People of Aleppo are staying in their cars and on the streets fighting the cold by burning the wood from their own furniture which turned into ruins. Thanks to our long-term collaboration with the parish of Saint Fransis we can help the victims of this earthquake in Aleppo. Thank you for your participation:

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