Lodz for Aleppo

Lodz for Aleppo

On April 26-28 2019 an extraordinary event’s going to be held in Lodz: the whole city will mobilize itself to support Syrian Aleppo. “Lodz for Aleppo” is an event in which all residents of the city take part, regardless of their religion, world view, political views and origin. Archbishop Grzegorz Rys asked all the city’s parishes to organize collections of money for citizens of Aleppo. Other Christian communities are also joining the collection. The Jewish qahal will collect in the Jewish Cemetery and Lodz’s Muslims in their houses of prayer. On Saturday and on Sunday (27th and 28th of April) “Domus Orientalis” will collect money on streets to help inhabitants of Aleppo, with support from Lodz’s Caritas and other local organizations. The event is patronized by the mayor of Lodz.

We invite You all to take part in this event! We’re in dire need of volunteers to organize the event and collect the money. If You have few hours to spare on the last weekend of April, don’t waste time wondering, but contact us in order to become volunteers (please send e-mails on address: kontakt@domwschodni.pl or write a message through the contact form on our website). We’ll need volunteers from 8 am to 9 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Tell us in Your message, at what hours can You take part. We’ll answer explaining everything precisely - what, when and how. Tell your family and friends about this event. Let “Lodz for Aleppo” show the world, that people of Lodz can be solidary both among themselves and with those in need.

“Lodz for Aleppo” isn’t only a money collection from a city for a city, but also few events that will help us get in touch with this Syrian city, which suffers due to a wasting war.

On Friday April 26, at 5pm. there’s a academic conference “Aleppo yesterday and today” in the lecture hall of Faculty of International and Political Studies of the University of Lodz (Skladowa Street 43).

On Saturday and Sunday there’s going to be an exhibition “A walk through Aleppo in Lodz” at which we’ll present the current state of the city and the sectors in which we want to help its residents. Every Lodz’s inhabitant who’ll go to “A walk through Aleppo in Lodz” and will all 7 sites will get a certificate “Resident of Lodz solidary with Aleppo”. On every site of the exhibition there’s going to be a person who either originates from Aleppo or has visited the city. Everyone’ll be able to talk with them about the current state of Aleppo.

On Saturday evening (April 27) at 8 pm., in the lecture hall of High Catholic Seminary in Lodz (St. Stanislaw Street 14) the foreigners involved in “You can sing!” project will sing during a charitable concert “Everyone for Aleppo”.

On Sunday, 28th of April at 8 pm we shall pray during the meeting “Rosary for brothers!” in the parish of Pentecost at the Liberty Square.

We warmly invite You to join us at our work and help us to create this incredible event in Lodz. We really count on your involvement and support!

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Donations to help people of Aleppo during the event “Lodz for Aleppo” can be made during collection on streets at 26th-28th of April 2019. You can also donate directly to our bank account:

5 PLN   10 PLN   20 PLN

50 PLN    100 PLN   200 PLN

300 PLN   500 PLN   1000 PLN

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