"Solidarity With Aleppo" - 3 months after the earthquake

"Solidarity With Aleppo" - 3 months after the earthquake
"Solidarity With Aleppo" - 3 months after the earthquake

"Solidarity with Aleppo" - what's new about our aid activities!

More than 3 months have passed since the tragic earthquake. You are probably interested in the current situation and our joint activities of Domus Orientalis and Caritas of the Archdiocese of Łódź in Syria.

Restorations of damaged flats:
As you remember, we managed to transfer the first funds almost immediately. Our partner on site is St. Francis parish in Aleppo. Initially, we planned to support all emergency activities, but there was a need to redirect funds to rebuild damaged apartments. During our visit in April, we visited several families.

For the time being, we are focusing on helping homes that have suffered less damage. Typically, we deal with deep cracks in the walls, ceiling, furniture and household appliances. The buildings were assessed as stable, but we must remember that any smaller cracks deepen due to subsequent tremors. Currently we are working in two apartments: of the family of Mrs. Roula and Mrs. Layla, about which we will tell you more soon.

In addition, one of the main problems currently faced by all entities dealing with providing assistance is the broadly understood treatment of trauma. Syrians who have not recovered from the most difficult phase of the war - which is still ongoing - are facing another trauma caused by the earthquake. Looking at cracked walls certainly does not help in regaining mental balance.

"First Step" - support for children as a financial relief for parents.

Another direction of our assistance activities is to support children and their families. You surely know about our "First Step" program, which currently covers 320 kids from Aleppo. Thanks to the generosity of Donors, it was possible to increase the amount of monthly support, which is of great importance, especially after the earthquake.

During our stay there was a distribution of funds and a touching meeting with the families. Children and their parents came up to us, took pictures, thanked the Polish people for being with them, for their support.

Summer is coming, so we're going to make a distribuition of school backpacks and stationaries again. This time, however, due to the situation after the earthquake, backpacks full of school supplies will be given to all children under the care of the parish, i.e. about 1200. Thanks to this, we will not only relieve household budgets, but also bring a lot of joy during this sad time. The distribution will take place in July during our next visit.

Medical support - coordination of the Redemptoris Missio project.

As you remember, there are numerous projects in the parish: field kitchen, a micro-business support office, a support center for the elderly, a clinic etc.

It was the medical aid project that was supported by funds from Redemptoris Missio. We are currently waiting for the report for April and May, but thanks to our joint effort, we managed to help about 200 people who cannot afford medicines. During our visit, we were told how medical interviews take place, how drugs are obtained and, above all, how they are secured against, for example, redistribution on the black market.

Give a Job!

We also visited Mr. Rolle's flower shop, which we helped open a few years ago. The business is doing quite well, which makes us very happy.

We also managed to meet our beloved sister Antoinette, who still runs a wonderful project of a tailor's atelier, supported by us for years. As usual, we had a nice time and bought some products, which will help to continue this amazing initiative.

What's next?

As you know from our shared experience in Lebanon, our main goal is to provide long-term assistance. Needs will probably change, but the situation of the Syrians was very bad, and the earthquake only made it worse. We also know from Lebanon, Africa or even Ukraine how quickly the "topic" is dominating media’s mainstream, causing an influx of huge funds, and then fades even faster. For us, the most important thing is a steady support calculated for years, so that we can accompany when others move to another region, heavily publicized in the media, plagued by a new war or catastrophe. Our cooperation with Caritas Łódź, better and better coordination with the parish in Aleppo and your constant support are the key to the implementation of this plan. Thank you for being with us, trust and faith!


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