Upcoming events at the Fratelli tutti cafe club

Upcoming events at the Fratelli tutti cafe club

18th December, sunday 

At 4PM we will watch together the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final. Come, whoever your favorite is: Argentina or France. We cheer above all for universal brotherhood :-)

20th December, tuesday

At 8PM we start with piano concert of Conchita Derda, who will perform original interpretations of Polish Christmas carols. After the concert there will be a meeting of volutneers who want to work together to help the homeless people in Lodz and join the Domus Orientalis projects in Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia.

21th December, wednesday

At 6PM there will be a meeting with Dymytro Antoniuk, an ukrainian writer.

24th December, saturday

At 6PM we start the vigil of Christmas. If you are a student, foreigner and your family is far away, come to spend the Christmas evening with brothers and sisters from all over the world.

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