You Can Sing It! 4th edition in 2019

You Can Sing It! 4th  edition in 2019

We organize the 4th edition of the Polish song competition for foreigner "You can sing it!". Again, we have qualified foreigners that will sing Polish songs and sings in their language. We invite everyone to come watch and listen to how they deal with the difficult challenge of singing in Polish.

The final concert will take place on 7th of September at 19:00 at the Theater “DOM” (Piotrkowska Street 243 in Łódź). We also invite you for after party in the end of the program.Tickets for one person = 40 PL and for Families = 160 PLN (5 people -1 ticket is free)! You can pick up your tickets before the concert or buy online.
We encourage you to book now, because the number of seats in the audience is limited. BOOK YOUR TICKET by phone (telephone number: 790 273 993), or by e-mail ( or via a message on the competition's profile on  Facebook. Its enough to put number of tickets needed and the name of the person who will pick them up before the concert. We also invite you to visit the competition website "You can sing it!", Where you can find recordings from previous editions and see that it is worth listening to foreigners singing Polish songs.

We realize the project put smiles on Faces, so we thank you all for your support, which is why we would be very grateful for your support during this year edition as well. We believe that we can count on you!

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