We help in Syria with deacon Bashir

We help in Syria with deacon Bashir

Do you remember the deacon Bashir, who was one of the guests of our event "Syria - Human Stories"? During the meeting, he told us about the humanitarian projects he organizes for the poorest people in Syria. Up to now Domus Orientalis help was dedicated mainly for the residents of the largest cities - Aleppo, Damascus or Tartus. Although the situation in biggest cities is extremely hard and the number of people in need increases, it is even worse in less urbanized areas of Syria. In the frontlines, everything is missing, and people live in extreme poverty, in constant tension, fear and humiliation. Touched by what we heard, we decided to try to support the efforts of the deacon Bashir! Thanks to your help with Bashir, we will transfer money for the poorest people from Hama area, including Karam who is paralyezd after sniper’s bullet wounded his neck!

If you want to support deacon Bashir's service, donate:

Stowarzyszenie “Dom Wschodni – Domus Orientalis”
Ul. Więckowskiego 13, Łódź

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The title of the transfer: For Bashir


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